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Life was not meant to be lived alone. Gather weekly with people from your neighborhood to build a community and impact it for the better.

At CCV, neighborhood groups are vital to our church. They provide a sense of connection and security as we all tackle life together. Our neighborhood groups draw out the relevance of Biblical principles discussed in the weekend services.

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Group types and sizes vary. So please read the details when searching for the right neighborhood group.

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Financial planning, premarital counseling, crisis and more. We’re here.

CCV offers a variety of Support Services and Training Classes to meet the many needs of our community. From Premarital Coaching and Wedding Ceremonies to Life Training and Memorials, our goal is to help encourage and guide you as you navigate through life’s most important and challenging moments.


We support 87 missions in 38 countries, as well as offer over 8 mission trips annually around the globe.

Jesus called us to reach out to people from every nation - and we take this charge seriously. At CCV, we are involved in or have founded several large scale projects that have a global impact. Throughout the year, we also have short-term mission trips where teams travel abroad to make a specific impact in other countries.

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