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Mission Stories

ICOM 2016

Continual education for the CCV Missions Team

“He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Luke 10:2”
This November the CCV missions team was able to attend The International Conference on Missions in the beautiful city of Lexington, Kentucky. The conference exists to encourage, equip and enlist workers for the harvest. It is during this conference that missionaries, many who are our partners, are able to come to one place to be encouraged in their Kingdom work. The theme of conference was ‘Mobilize, Disciples making Disciples”. Throughout the convention there are multiple classes offered on many different topics including “How can I serve cross culturally? or Addressing the Human Trafficking issue”. Throughout each day there are class sessions, open exhibits where mission organizations can share what they are doing, then main sessions in which the entire conference comes together in worship and a message. This year’s worship was led by one of CCV’s worship leaders, The Jordan Howerton Band and it was amazing to hear people who would not be connected otherwise coming together to worship. The conference featured many keynote speakers in which they shared their heart for the part of the world in which they are serving. CCV Missions was able to encourage many of our own mission partners that we often do not get to spend time with. ICOM is fulfilling their mission of encouraging, equipping and enlisting workers for the Harvest.

Going on a Mission Trip this year?

Going on a trip always changes me.

Every time I go on a mission trip it changes me.  It changes my faith, my view of the world, my priorities, my view of God...sometimes it changes specific things like how I pray or how I spend my time.  This past year, I came home with a very clear direction to engage more in local refugee ministry efforts. It was a very specific message that it was a way I could engage the world, serve international people, right in my own hometown because it was a clear need.  As I look to 2017, I'm already considering what trip God might have in store for me. I'd rather go on a mission trip and have this type of experience eternally than to plan a vacation with my husband. I pray you also find a mission trip God might have planned for you - something specific he wants to show you or teach you or change for you. Trips for 2017 are ready for your registration. It's easy - just make sure you have a passport and I think all the trips require a $500 deposit. Maybe we'll be on the same trip together! 

New Missions - Haiti and Dominican Republic - Update

Thank you for giving to CCV so we can support ministries like New Missions!

December 2016 New Missions Update from New Missions on Vimeo.

CCV is taking a mission team to New Missions in Dominican Republic in March of 2017.  Come with us!

StreetLight USA Charity Poker Ride Event

Over 150 Motorcycle riders helped raise funds for StreetLightUSA to fight against child sex trafficking and sexual trauma.

Charity Poker Ride Event

Over 150 Motorcycle riders helped raise funds for StreetLightUSA to fight against child sex trafficking and sexual trauma.

Sometime, Motorcycle riders might not seem to be a group of people who would gather for some social causes. Well, on the last Saturday of October, around 150 bikers participated on a fundraiser ride to lend a helping hand for kids who have been involved with sex trafficking and being sexually abused.

Bikers participate in silent auction and door prizes

Bikers are setting off to start the ride

Live Band Performance

A Biker Passes by StreetLight USA Tent

Bikers arrived at the finish stop - Westgate

Here are some facts about child trafficking in the U.S.
· According to reliable sources, 300,000 youth are being trafficked each year.
· The average life expectance for a victim of the trafficking is seven years, the lead cause is homicide and drug abuse.
· Every 2 seconds, a child is forced to sell her body.
· 1/3 of the 2.8 million runaway kids each year in the US are lured into prostitution or pornography within 48 hours,
· the average age that StreetLightUSA residents were first trafficked is 14.
· The average age StreetLightUSA residents were first sexually abuse is 8.

If you are interested with the cause of StreetLightUSA, please visit http://streetlightusa.org.

CCV High School Mission Trip to Rocky Point, Mexico

Over 300 High School students from CCV Avondale, Peoria, and Scottsdale Campuses volunteered at 1Mission in Rocky Point, Mexico.

CCV High School Mission Trip to Rocky Point, Mexico

During the Columbus Day weekend, over 300 High School students from CCV Avondale, Peoria, and Scottsdale Campuses volunteered at 1Mission in Rocky Point, Mexico. During their trip to Mexico, they built new houses for 10 families who are actively participating in the community development. Students who had little experiences in labor work spent 3 days of their break to learn how to swing a hammer, mix concrete and saw wood. More importantly, they gained a much deeper understanding of poverty, limited resources and the satisfaction of hard work. Ultimately, they grew their faith by being part of the vision that CCV has for community development and restoring the brokenness of our own world through servanthood, love and compassion.

Rocky Point (aka Puerto Penasco) is about 4 hours south of Phoenix and 30 miles off the border between U.S. and Mexico. 1Mission, a long time mission partner of CCV, has been working in Mexico for many years seeing fruit in the community and growing God’s Church. Their main strategy for community development is sustainable and stable housing. Volunteers come to work alongside families to build houses for people who have been serving in their own community for hundreds of hours and have earned their new house through 1Mission. This house is a beginning of their new life and empowers them to fight off the poverty that has been limiting their potential and ability to benefit their own neighborhood. So far, nearly 500 houses have been built and those families who has been inspired to serve God and others.

Getting Ready to Launch the First Day of Work

Praying over the soon-to-be-house before working

Laying Foundation

Worshiping after Whole Day of Work

Halfway done

Finishing Touch

Students taking picture with the house they built and the family.

Where will their next step be?

Christian Light Foundation Costa Rica Update

Missionary from Costa Rica reunited with CCV volunteers

On September 16th, Mark and Meg Kuzdas, who are missionaries in Costa Rica, were reunited with 15 CCV members who had been on mission trips to that country previously at CCV Surprise Campus. They enjoyed an Italian dinner and shared their experiences during the trip as well as received updates of the mission from Mark. Mark and Meg are exceptional faithful workers in Christ. Despite the hardship they are facing in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras, they are able to win people to Christ, train them to be disciples and send them to preach the gospel to others.

Here are some highlights during this reunion:
Pastor Dennis Bloodworth praying over the food.
Group praying for Mark and Meg’s mission work and protection.

Taking “Next Step” with CCV and going to the world to “Win People to Christ.”

Please pray for Mark and Meg for they are facing these issues in their mission fields:
· Property dispute in the court and potentially being forced to evict their current location. Please pray for the court procession and justice being restored to God’s workers.
· Special Outreach events that are designed to share the gospel and reach new people.
· For provision of resources they need to continue the ministry.
· The government of Nicaragua passed a new law last month requiring missionaries that enter the country to have prior authorization. We know many people that have been refused entry at both the land border and at the airport. So far, it seems impossible to receive this special permission.

Refugee Discovery Day

Taking time to meet a refugee just might make all the difference.

I think there are many people who see the news and wonder about refugees and the crisis and even ask what we can do about it. We, the missions team at CCV, got the opportunity this week to visit a ministry in Phoenix that is serving and ministering to refugees on a daily basis with compassion and love and unbiased service. They have what is called a Discovery Day. An opportunity for the general public to learn about immigration, the refugee process, the limitations and hurdles they have resettling in Phoenix, and what people can do to practically serve.

We were able to participate in an English language class, working side by side with a group of refugees learning English, practicing reading and pronunciation. We practiced saying, "My birthday is ____" and "I was born on _____". We practiced reading rhyming works like mat and fat and rat. Learning English needs to be their first priority if they hope to get good jobs and their children do well in school. The second biggest hurdle is transportation - getting to and from good jobs is reliant first on transportation. Simple basics we take for granted. 

Our team went to have lunch in a local Iraqi restaurant. Sometimes enjoying ethnic food and being intentional about talking with the waiter and the owner and asking questions about their family is a way to be a good ambassador too!  The food was excellent!

Then we did some home visits. We got to visit a beautiful Syrian woman in her home, sit in her living room and hear her story. This family left their home near the start of the Civil War and went to Jordan. They spent 4 years in Jordan as asylum seekers and applying for refugee status to be resettled somewhere. They arrived in Arizona in June and got settled in this apartment complex. I'm so grateful for the workers who live there full time to be helping hands as they settle in a brand new country.

The most impactful part for me of the whole day is that I can now say that I feel more educated on the issues and have actually met a refugee. I think we have opinions, biases, prejudices without actually taking time to meet someone, befriend someone, and educate ourselves on the reality of the situation. I'm grateful Nada's family has been given the opportunity to come to my city and be safe and create a life for their kids and I feel more responsible than ever to welcome them and help them through the transition into MY country that I love. 

For more information, visit http://www.goten.org/.

In July, CCV sent a team of 29 students to Nairobi, Kenya to work with our mission partners, Missions of Hope International. Recently two of our students, Lauren Moore and Lauren Rasmussen were interviewed about their short term mission experience in Africa.

In July, CCV sent a team of 29 students to Nairobi, Kenya to work with our mission partners, Missions of Hope International. Recently two of our students, Lauren Moore and Lauren Rasmussen were interviewed about their short term mission experience in Africa.  

If you could sum up your experience in one word, what would it be?

Lauren R: "Stunning. The people had such beautiful hearts, that shocked me. The students had such joy and love for one another. They respected the teachers which was completely expected there, but in America, students look at school as an obligation, not an opportunity."

Lauren M: "Revealing. This trip showed me who I really was. It’s easy to come face to face with your flaws once you are in a third world country.”  

What was your first response to the environment?  

Lauren R: "I was in a state of disbelief the first couple days. We walked through the slums on our first day in Kenya with what appeared to be a river flowing down the street, which was actually their sewage."

Lauren M: 'I was expecting slums, but there were some things that were difficult to cope with...smelly trash and rats...these were hard to see. Yet, I promise you, hope was alive and Jesus was present there."  

What is next for each of you now that you have experienced this trip?

Lauren R:"I am trying to value relationships over everything. First my relationship with God by reading the bible and working on my prayer life. I am really trying to pour into friendships this year, love on them and dive deep with them. I have realized the urgency we must have in bringing people to Christ!

Lauren M: "Next step for me is to continue in my faith and bettering interactions with people, but it's always got to be about God. No matter where you are, all that really matters is your faith in God."  

We are thankful for students like Lauren and Lauren who desire to win people to Christ, train believers to become disciples, and send disciples to impact the world. Please continue to pray for our mission partners, Missions of Hope International. If you would like to know more information about our partners, check out http://mohiafrica.org/.

Education Center in Ecuador

Investing in the education of the Next Generation is an important part of ensuring prosperity in the future.

A month ago the team at Project New Hope in Ecuador started an education program to help the kids in the barrio stay in school and be successful in their studies. We didn’t know what to expect, but God is blessing this program. Even though it has been a short time, we are seeing and experiencing God working in changing these kid’s lives.

Just like at CCV, we love partners who are investing in the Next Generation in their local communities. Jefferson, a 15-year-old boy, has never received good grades. His mom, Doris, said that he was an awful student who never wanted to go to school; his teachers didn’t even want him in their class. He wasn’t going to go back to school this year because everyone kept telling him that he wasn’t smart. His mom didn’t enjoy going to teacher-parent meetings because the teachers never had anything good to say about her son; all they would say was that he was a bad student with a bad attitude and bad grades.

Doris was nervous to go to the first parent teacher conference this year, but to her pleasant surprise, the teachers praised Jefferson on his attitude and the amazing grades he was getting. They were all astonished! Jefferson participates every day in the program and finally is enjoying going to school.

This is the reason why we started the education center: to help kids be successful in their studies and someday graduate and go to college! Wouldn’t that be a miracle! Now we have parents in the barrio who want their children to join the education center.

New Playground

When the Church invests in the local school, the whole community is transformed.

When CCV's team was down in Costa Rica working with Christian Light Foundation, the hard working men on the construction team had the opportunity to help clean up and maintain a playground for the children in the school.  One participant said it was such a great experience to work alongside the school teachers who care so much about their kids and education and to see the impact the ministry is having on the school as a whole.  CCV has seen this same impact - when the Church invests in the local school, true transformation can happen.