Share Your Story

God’s been at work in your life, and He wants to use your story to make an impact. That’s why we’ve created this simple video tool and guidance to share your personal testimony! Through taking the time to write and record your story, you'll be ready to give an answer for the hope you have in Christ.

Step 1: Tell Your Journey

Using your smartphone or tablet camera, follow this simple outline:

  • "I was _____"
  • "Then Jesus _____"
  • "And now _____"

Recording Tips

  • Spend some time in prayer and silence prior to sharing.
  • Ask that God use your story to inspire others.
  • Rehearse out loud in a quiet room before recording.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Be bold and honest.
  • Record in a bright room or natural light.

Step 2: Submit And Share

Now that you’ve recorded your story, it’s time to share it. Simply tap on the button below to submit your story.

Consider texting it to a friend, posting it to Instagram or Facebook, or showing it to your CCV Group. If you’d like, you can also tag @ccvonline for a chance to be featured in upcoming services and/or social content.

Please note that we'll need you to log in before we can accept your video. By submitting your video, you are giving CCV permission to celebrate your story alongside the rest of our church.

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