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Phoenix Partners

Learn more about our partners and how they are changing lives and communities, both locally and around the world.

Recovery Ministry

Addiction and homelessness can be the result of numerous factors, but the solution is only found in community. Come partner with ministries that provide this community to individuals whom society often rejects, but that our God has not.


Foster Care Ministry

God's heart for orphans is evident throughout Scripture and best understood when we realize that we as believers have been adopted into His family. Because of this, CCV also wants to show orphans throughout the Valley the love of Christ and invite them into our own families. Partner with ministries around our city by supporting parents and families who have opened their home to these children, or respond to the call God has placed on your heart to invite them into yours.


Refugee Ministry

The city of Phoenix has 19,000 current refugees. These are people, vetted by the US Government, who have fled their countries to escape horrible persecutions. We have the opportunity now to share God's love and the Gospel with citizens from all over the world right here on our doorstep. What is holding you back?


Human Trafficking Ministry

Human Trafficking has stolen the lives of both girls and boys and is a terrible travesty that still occurs today in the city of Phoenix. Our God is a God of healing and restoration, and CCV works alongside ministries in the Valley who provide an avenue for healing and restoration to victims of trafficking through relationship and Christ-centered counseling. You can be a part of this restoration and healing by entering into the lives of these individuals and allowing God to work through you.


Prison Ministry

Prisons are often filled with such darkness, that even a little light can make a huge impact. Join CCV as we partner with ministries that enter the lives of the incarcerated, providing them with hope and the opportunity for eternal transformation.

Medical / Dental Professionals or Students

Do you have experience in the Medical field as a professional or student? If so, there are numerous opportunities for you to work, both local and global, to engage in serving with the healing hands God has gifted you with. Come learn more how you can get involved in using your talents for the Kingdom.