23 years in the Mission Field

In their time on the mission field, they’ve developed the language and alphabet, taught the people to read in the New Testament, and are now about to distribute the Old Testament to the community!

Barb says, "It has been such an honor to serve HIM here. Our rewards are unseen sort of.  From a western perspective how do we define success or productivity or, or, or…. I don’t know! My living overseas has impacted my worldview and my definition of success.  If we were to define success from a western Christian perspective we would need to keep track of the number of baptisms or church plants that have been successful.  If that were the case in this country, there would be no missionaries here.  All of us would be total and complete failures.  So what has kept us here over the years? Yes, translation is progressing.  Yes, some have come to follow Jesus.  But in the course of 23+ years, the numbers are quite few. Have there been subtle changes?  Yes.  Are there some who have seen dreams and visions of Jesus? Yes. Some who are faithfully following the Lord? Yes. But reality is that these are the minority. The majority are still following the “M” religion. So why are we still here? What is keeping us here? The only explanation we can give is that HE has us exactly where he wants us to be. I believe we are indeed having an impact, we just may never see it.  That’s OK!  It has been such a privilege to serve HIM here. He has been so incredibly faithful to us. He is our strength. Our sustainer. Our deliver. Our hope. Our encouragement. Our reason for being here. Our reason for staying here. Our reason for not giving up. Pray with us as we continue to be his light and witness to all those He brings across our paths.  May seeds be planted and others sprout and declare Jesus as their Lord and Savior!”

There is no greater act of service than to allow God to work through us to meet the needs of others. Let’s turn our everyday life into His mission field. Who has God has placed in front of you that needs help or support? You’ll be amazed at what He does as we step out of our comfort zone and partner with Him to serve others. 

“You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.”

Galatians 5:13