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Discover how God is changing lives throughout CCV.


Love Unconditionally

The Senters’ welcomed children from the foster care system into their already full family. They followed the command to love unconditionally, “Love can be hard and messy, but it’s worth it.”


A Child of God

With his rough past, Mike believed he couldn't be forgiven. Through Jesus and his loved ones, he was able to forgive himself and change his life.


Confronted With Grace

With Daniel being a strong support system in his life, Tim was able to rebuild his marriage, reach sobriety, and devote his life to Christ.


Even in loss, God is Good

After a sudden passing of father and husband, the Cekosh family was heartbroken, but remembered that even in these moments God is still good.


When the Math Doesn't Add Up

Going from a stay-at-home mom to a single mom, Michelle was committed to tithing. God always provided, even when the math didn't add up.


Dating Your Spouse

Gene and Karen haven't missed a date night in 43 years. Hear the story of their marriage and the importance of pursuing your spouse.


Fighting for Us

After an affair, Will made the decision to fight for his marriage and family. He started making the effort to rebuild trust and his relationships.


Pastor of the Living Room

With the addition of a new family to the Jagels' already thriving group, lifelong friendships were made and an incredible support system was created.


From Neighbors to Family

After getting plugged into a Neighborhood Group and sharing their story, Bryan and Ashley built connections and a second family in a place they never expected.


Making an Impact

Ryan and Ally wanted to invest in the community that invested in them. Having grown up at CCV, the Scalf's have a passion for youth and serve as coaches.


Choosing to Trust

God called Daniel and Keri to take a leap of faith and move out-of-state without jobs. With their trust in God, He blessed them with jobs a week after moving.


Growing Your Support System

The Walters decided to join a Neighborhood Group and began seeing their faith and community grow, and they were overcome by their friends' love and support.