Discover how God is changing lives throughout CCV.


Steadfast Love

After following a rebellious path, Trevor and his father Jeff's relationship grew tense. As the love of their Heavenly Father made itself known to each other of them, their relationship began to reconcile.


God's Grace

No matter what circumstances she found herself in, God made His grace known to Kristi. No matter how far she found herself, God continued to reveal His love and her heart began to change.



Through vulnerable and authentic Church community, God brought Garry & Melissa from living in homosexual lifestyles to repentance. As image bearers, they confidently place their trust in who God says they are rather than what their feelings or sexual attractions might indicate.


Open our Eyes to see

Emma was running from the shame of her past and God used her CCV group to open her eyes to her true identity in Christ.


Miraculous Provision

All-in for Jesus and ready to take his next step, Kenney had always been challenged by the tithe. His wife Shawn was patient and knew that God would change his heart.



Taylor felt called into students ministry, but he was met with some pause initially


the Bible in real life

Stephen was carrying around a lot of questions about his faith, and mostly going through the motions but for the wrong reasons. After receiving an unexpected invitation to go on a ten-day trek across The Holy Land, all that changed.


Easter Stories 2023

When these three people, each from different walks of life, decided to surrender their lives and follow Jesus their lives were transformed. Each of them chose to publicly profess that decision and the new faith in their life through baptism on Easter.


A Leader of Leaders

Four Star Admiral Vern Clark served as Chief of Naval Operations during September 11th, 2001, and he has spent his life committed to servant leadership and to following Jesus.


Called to Serve

As a boy mom Tracy always found it difficult to connect with girls, but when God began stirring in her heart to serve in Jr. High girls, although reluctant at first, she stepped out in faith and trusted that God would honor her "yes".



When Robbie and his friends decided to start a bible study at their school in 6th grade, they had no idea how God was planning to use it.


When God is First

God saved Danielle and began working in her life, but things started to shift when she stopped making Him the first priority.