Frequently Asked Questions

Kids Camp

Parent Tip – save this FAQ link to your phone for quick reference during camp season!

Bus Schedule

For bus schedule click here.

Team Colors


  1. Anthem
  2. Chandler
  3. Laveen


  1. Maryvale
  2. Midtown
  3. Surprise


  1. North Phoenix
  2. Verrado


  1. Avondale
  2. East Valley
  3. Queen Creek
  4. Scottsdale
*** Peoria campus color will vary. Coaches will communicate to kids what color to wear.
Theme Days
  • Tues: Team Color Day
  • Wed: Super Hero Day | Dress up as your favorite superhero!
  • Thurs: Beach Day | Wear your swimsuit under your regular clothes!
If your kid gets sick while at camp, you will receive a communication from a CCV Staff with instructions for picking your kid up early from the Peoria campus.
We have trained medical personnel with us at camp.  All prescription and over-the-counter medications are to be checked in at drop-off and picked up daily.  If your child requires medication during camp hours of 3 pm – 8 pm, please fill out the Camp Medication Card for each medication and bring it along with the medication in its original bottle and a photo of your child in a Ziploc bag.  Any emergency medications, such as inhalers or allergy pens, are to be checked in at drop-off and will be allocated to your kid’s Coach.  Please do not pack medication with your child.
You can connect with your kid's coach or Kids Pastor. You can also call our main Peoria Campus number at 623-376-2444.
Dinner and snacks will be provided while your kids are at camp and will consist of balanced, kid-friendly options. If your kid has food allergies, our culinary staff is prepared to accomodate these needs. When you registered, you would have had an opportunity to indicate any allergies. If you didn't include that information, please reach out to your Kids Pastor to let them know.
CCV will provide just about everything your child will need to have an amazing time at camp. The only items we suggest are sunscreen, extra deodorant, and SPF lip balm. Small backpacks or fanny packs are a great way to help your child be responsible for the items they bring. CCV is not responsible for any lost items.
There will be merchandise available for purchase at your campus during drop-off. You can purchase items daily with your child before check-in. We ask that your child not bring any money with them to the Peoria Campus as all food and experiences will be provided for them. Thank you!
We will not allow your child to bring their phone with them as we want them to be fully present and enjoy their camp experience. If you need to contact your child for an emergency, please refer to the FAQ "What If I Need to Contact My Child Because of An Emergency".
The All-Night Event is on the last day and is for 6th grade students who have previously registered for the event.

Please send with your child the following on Thursday 6/2:

  • a change of clothes stored in a black trash bag with their full name
  • a sleeping bag and a pillow

All-Night Event Details

  • Transportation is via charter buses.
  • Kids will depart at 9:30 om from the Peoria Campus to the venue called Main Event in Avondale.
  • Kids will be served pizza and a drink while at Main Event.
  • Kids will arrive back at their campus by 3:00 am for snacks, rec and movie time.
  • Pick-up time is 7:00 am on Friday 6/3 and pop tarts will be served for breakfast.

Special Needs Camp

Kids and adults 4 years and older with developmental disabilities.
Because we have a limited number of spots available, we limit registrations to only kids and adults with developmental disabilities.
Yes, we encourage our attendees to invite friends.
Special Needs Camp is hosted at our East Valley, North Phoenix, Peoria, and Surprise campuses. All campuses are invited to attend.
Each evening will consist of games, worship and teaching.

Jr High Camp

UCYC (United Christian Youth Camp) is located in Prescott, AZ. To get an idea of what camp and UCYC look like, please check out their web page at
JH Camp is an overnight camp in Prescott, AZ
  • Breakfast
  • AM large group experience
  • Small Groups
  • Competitions
  • Lunch
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Dinner
  • PM large group experience
  • Small Groups
  • Lights out
We have 10 students assigned per adult coach, male coaches with guys groups, and female coaches with girls groups. Your student will do everything with their assigned coach and their group.
The coaches that we take to camp are the coaches that students see on the weekends during services. Our coaches have gone through our thorough background check and screening process.
We will have trained medical personnel with us at camp. All prescription medications and over-the-counter medications are to be checked in with the nurse the morning of camp. Please do not pack medication with your student.
New for 2022, the Kitchen staff at UCYC is prepared only to accommodate those with a gluten-free allergy. The meals prepared for will be similar to what other campers are having. If your student has severe food allergies that require special food, food can be brought and stored at camp to be heated in the microwave. For your convenience, we will have a menu from UCYC 30 days out from camp and will post it here on the FAQ page.

High School Camp

This year HS Camp will be held at NAU (Northern Arizona University) in the beautiful pines of Flagstaff, AZ and is guaranteed to be one of the most impactful, challenging, and memorable weeks of a high school student’s life!
Any student found with illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, improper use of prescription drugs, alcohol, vapes, fireworks or weapons of any kind will be immediately sent home at their parent's expense.
We have a ratio of 2 coaches per 12 students, male coaches with guys groups, and female coaches with girls groups.
If your student gets sick while at camp, you will receive a communication from a CCV Staff member with instructions for picking them up early. Your student is responsible for keeping up with any daily medication that they may need to take. We will have trained medical personnel with us if there is an emergency of any kind.
Please be sure to list all food allergies when you register your student. The meals planned to accommodate food allergies may be different than what was prepared for the group. Students with food sensitivities will have a separate area to pick up their allergen free meal. Feel free to reach out to your campus’ Student Pastor with further questions or concerns.