The Bible Project

Join other attendees the week of January 19th to learn some practical skills for how to read the Bible. This event will be hosted in Neighborhood Groups across the valley. Find a group near you on a night and time that fits your schedule.

About the Event

Do you ever feel like the Bible is overwhelming and challenging to read? Knowing where to start and how to read the Bible is difficult, and as a Christian, this discipline is one of the most important habits in the Christian faith.

Join us for a special event that will help educate and equip you with practical skills for how to read the Bible.

Find a host site now


Will childcare be provided?

CCV will not be providing childcare. Some host sites may offer a childcare option, so please contact your site host for specific details.

Is there a cost for this event?

There is no cost. CCV has provided this one-of-a kind event free of charge.

What should I expect?

This event will be held in the homes of CCV Coaches across the Valley. This will be a fun, casual event with video teaching and some discussion.

Do I need to bring something?

Once registered, you don’t need to bring anything! Your site host will be in contact with you if there are any specific details you need to know.

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