Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute's Residency Program trains high-capacity church leaders for longevity in ministry.


The CCV Leadership Institute Residency Program is designed to equip ministry leaders with the skills and experience they need for maximum impact. Through a combination of expert teaching, practical experience, and professional coaching, graduates will be prepared to be leaders in the local church.


9 Month Program (August – April)

Practical, hands-on experience

Work side-by-side with CCV ministry staff

Career coaching to find the right fit for longevity in ministry

Certificate, undergraduate & master’s degree programs available


"I absolutely loved my time at CCV. The experiences I had in the residency are ones I will remember and carry throughout my career. By being given opportunities to lead in big ways and in new environments, it undeniably pushed me out of my comfort zone. Each season of the residency allowed me to realize and reach a new potential in my leadership journey. If you hunger for more training on how you can be a more powerful force for the local church, then this program is for you!"

- Mel Ferguson, 2016 Residency

"The Leadership Institute has made such a big impact on my life and changed the course of my ministry journey. This experience helped me find my love for the Special Needs community as well as the necessary training to be an effective leader. I am so thankful for the Leadership Institute’s spiritual and practical training and how they help send out leaders to impact the world."

- Erin Wickenkamp, 2016 Residency

"Getting the opportunity to learn and develop as a leader in CCV’s leadership institute has helped prepare me for ministry in ways I would have anticipated needing. It gave me real hands on experience under the guidance of some incredible leaders to help me apply the theological training I received at bible college. Through the residency I was also able to refine the calling God has in my life by broadening my perspective on what God has gifted and equipped me to do. I will always be thankful for way so many people invested in my development as a resident."

- Joel Wickenkamp, 2016 Residency

"Before I came to CCV for the Leadership Institute, I had no idea a program designed to prepare someone for full time ministry existed. I grew up in church world as a pastor’s daughter, but didn’t realize there was still so much I didn’t know. The program equipped me with hands on experience at the deepest level possible. I was given the freedom to try and sometimes fail, but grow and learn through the process. I had classes where I learned from some of the greatest leaders in ministry and then got to go and apply that knowledge. The residency program helped me step into my first ministry job with confidence and discover how God designed me to help further His Kingdom."

- Sloane Lindsey, 2017 Residency


In addition to the Strategic Ministry Track, Residents can focus their training in a variety of specialty tracks:

  • Kids Ministry
  • Student Ministry
  • Special Needs Ministry
  • Sports Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Church Administration
  • Music Ministry
  • Production
  • First Impressions and Hospitality

If you have additional questions or would like more information please contact leadership@ccv.church.