Let's Talk About It

Anxiety. Depression. Addiction. Relationships. Whether you’re personally navigating the struggle or walking beside someone who is, "Let’s Talk About It: A Conversation on Mental Health" is one series you don’t want to miss. Let’s unite as a church to better recognize, understand, and respond to the growing challenge of mental health in the Valley. You’re seen. You’re not alone. There’s help.

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Let's address mental health in the Valley. Give help. Get help.

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ANXIETY with Pastor Mark Moore

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow.” Harder than it sounds, right? Especially when anxiety manifests in our bodies. Could it be that spiritual steps could set the worrisome mind free?

DEPRESSION with Special Guest, Mike Foster

You are not forsaken. Though weary and burdened, there is a place of rest. And a community of Believers who understand God’s truth can come beside the depressed in their darkest days.

ADDICTION with Special Guest Brendan McDonough

The numbing and the decline. Granite Mountain’s lone Hotshot 19 survivor shares his journey of survival beyond the fire, and talks recovery that only a loving, available God can provide.

RELATIONSHIPS with Special Guest Dr. Henry Cloud

Healthy relationships empower the spirit and mind. Just ask acclaimed leadership expert, psychologist and author, Dr. Henry Cloud. Let’s explore the Biblical principles together.

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If you or someone you love are in a crisis and need to speak to someone immediately, please call 911 or the National Suicide Hotline.


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