Our vision is to end extreme poverty and transform the country of Colombia in the same way we are impacting the Valley.

About Colombia

CCV has a vision to end extreme poverty and transform the entire country of Colombia. For the last half-century, the country of Colombia has experienced the devastating effects of violence, drug trafficking and corruption. Due to the internal conflict they have been experiencing for years, Colombia has more Internally Displaced People (IDP), people who have had to flee their home or risk being killed, than any other country in the world. Roughly eighty percent of these individuals end up in poverty.

Extreme poverty is defined as those living on less than $2.00/day. Worldwide, 18,000 children die daily from poverty or poverty related issues. We can help change this through our three-tiered approach: sponsor a child, plant a church, and go there yourself.

Meet their physical needs

In partnership with Compassion International, we have the opportunity to sponsor children living in extreme poverty in Colombia.

By sponsoring a child, you can change the entire course of their life. For $38/month, you can extend your family and help provide life-changing opportunities such as:

  • Receiving an education
  • Medical care and learning personal hygiene
  • Nourishing food
  • Vocational training, mentoring, developing self-confidence
  • And most importantly, the opportunity to hear the gospel

Even more remarkable is that for every child sponsored, there are typically 30 people in their sphere of influence that will also hear the message of Jesus.

Sponsor a child

Stay Connected

Download the Compassion app to easily connect you to your sponsored child.

  • Send letters and photos
  • Get up-to-date child info
  • See photos of your child
  • Pray for your child

Meet their spiritual needs

Our goal is to impact the country of Colombia in the same way we are impacting the valley.

In order to meet the children’s spiritual needs, CCV has funded the planting of 29 churches in Colombia in partnership with other churches around the United States.

These churches create spiritual transformation and community revival that will change the country. They will serve as a house of worship as well as a Child Development Center, where all of the sponsored children go to be fed, attend school, and receive medical care.

Church Plants

Learn more about your campus church plant and the impact it’s having on the community.

Go There: Build long-term relationships

See firsthand the difference you are making by signing up for a mission trip to Colombia.

During the trip, you will:

  • Visit your campus church plant
  • Attend classes at the Child Development Center
  • Serve lunch to the kiddos

The best part is, if you've sponsored a child, you'll have the opportunity to meet them and their family. You will literally be able to step into your child's world and experience firsthand the growth and impact being made in the community.

Register for a trip