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Sevilla - Zona Bananera, Magdalena

God is doing amazing things throughout Colombia. Here you will find updates on how each church is making a difference in their communities. Take a moment to learn about the Campus Pastor, read success stories, and how you can be praying for your Colombia church plant.

Pastor Rafael Robles Angarita

Pastor Rafael became a Christian in 1983. Before becoming the pastor of Biblica Koinonia, Rafael was a missionary. He led ministries in Aguachica and Chimichagua but felt called to Sevilla, Zona Bananera in 2007 to do his ministry work. Through Rafael's leadership, he has helped to connect roughly 130 people of various ages and backgrounds in a small group ministry.

Update for 12/3/2018

Greetings Christ’s Church of the Valley! We are excited to send you another update. 40% of the construction for our plant has been completed! This includes the layout, and redefinition, demolition of existing walls, excavation of footings for columns, manual excavation of beams has been done, manual excavation of tie beams, foundry of flooring in cyclopean concrete, manual excavation of the septic tank, and excavation of water tank (water reservoir). In the last couple of months, we’ve accomplished a lot! We have done the foundry of footing in reinforced concrete, foundry of tie beams and reinforced concrete beams, compacted filling in selected material, cyclopean foundations for pedestal walls in concrete for columns, and worked on type one type two columns (21 units). We have worked on large brick duly plastered on both sides and waterproofed, sanitary facilities for the first floor, the foundry and lifting, foundry and plastering of septic well lid, and lifting and plastering of water reservoir lid. We’ve done installations of electrical networks on the first floor, concrete template of the entire area of the first floor, exterior pedestrian platforms, assembly of ceiling lamps, with formwork equipment, and construction and assembly of iron for beams in mezzanine plaque for the second floor. The Pastor of the Koinonia Bible Church together with the leaders (Children’s supervisor, caregivers), have started an evangelistic project called "I Am New Generation". Another group of leaders works in evangelism through family groups, implementing the Satura Colombia program with some parents of our beneficiaries, thus impacting the community of Seville so that they may know about the love of God. We are learning to take advantage of resources and time to advance the work here. For example, we had a delay to supply iron by the hardware store where the material is purchased. However, it was decided to focus on the construction of the septic tank, and advance on other activities during this time. The construction committee also met to raise funds to build the complete plaque, letting us carry out some activities. We’ve did a Bazaar on Sunday, July 19 and have done a "food sale.” Based on Matthew 7: 24-27, the construction of the church in Seville is on the Rock that is Jesus Christ. A strategy was designed to raise funds with the brothers from the church that consists of giving some decorative bricks (about an inch) to the zone community in general; and in return, they will give their voluntary financial contribution. Over the next couple of months, we will carry out the assembly and foundry of lightened plaque with Styrofoam coffers. We will work on the sanitary and hydraulic installations, networks of electrical installations in plaque, reinforced and foundry of stairs from the first to the second floor, and assembly and foundry of columns of the second floor. We will work on lifting in “Samo” block or similar in the second floor, assembly and foundry of tie beams on walls, assembly with metal structure for second floor cover, and removal of ceiling lamps from the plaque and formwork equipment. We will also work on lifting of the first floor in block, lintels of doors and windows, flatten plastering of walls and plaque on the second floor, installation of doors frames, stucco of plaque and walls, wiring and installation of switches. We’ll also work on the foundry of column and plaque for the elevated tank; aluminum windows, installation of metal doors and wood, tiling of walls of bathrooms and kitchen, installation of iron protectors for windows, installation of corners wins, installation of sanitary combos, supply and installation of elevated tank and motor pump. We’ll work on the supply and installation of ceiling in drywall. installation of tiled floors: first and second floor, general painting, general detailing installation of lights, fans, grids, taps, cable TV, and home gas and internet. We want to tell you that our church has been doing evangelism and mercy work in a lane called "Caño Mocho" where there are approximately 50 children unprotected in all their areas, (physical, spiritual, cognitive, socio-emotional). This is weekly; we go to that place to share the word of God and bring them lunches. Pastor of Koinonia Bible Church, Rafael Robles, says: "I am grateful to God and to the Compassion donors for their contributions, both spiritually and materially, to the well-being of this community in Seville. The community is happy with the construction of the Childhood Development Center because their children will be comfortably cared for. The parents of many of our beneficiaries are grateful to the program for the testimony their children have shown at home such as praying for food and praising the Lord. "

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests:
1) That the children recognize the Lord Jesus as their Savior.