Biblica Koinonia

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Peoria Campus

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Sevilla - Zona Bananera, Magdalena

God is doing amazing things throughout Colombia. Here you will find updates on how each church is making a difference in their communities. Take a moment to learn about the Campus Pastor, read success stories, and how you can be praying for your Colombia church plant.

Pastor Rafael Robles Angarita

Pastor Rafael became a Christian in 1983. Before becoming the pastor of Biblica Koinonia, Rafael was a missionary. He led ministries in Aguachica and Chimichagua but felt called to Sevilla, Zona Bananera in 2007 to do his ministry work. Through Rafael's leadership, he has helped to connect roughly 130 people of various ages and backgrounds in a small group ministry.

Update for 6/10/2019

Greetings from Colombia! Brothers and Sisters, we are excited to share our final update with you!

Facilities are fully built. The stairs to the second floor are getting their finishing touches. There are offices, two classrooms, and three bathrooms upstairs.

Together with workers from the Child Development Center, the church was able to install fans in the classrooms. This will add comfort to the children who attend programs there.

The church had a baptism ceremony for nine people who have committed their lives to Jesus! This was a great celebration for all who attended.

The impact of this new church has been overwhelmingly positive. We are seeing how the children have learned from their lessons on good hygeine practices. They are now very adamant about good hand washing. Parents of children in the Child Development Program have been building friendships with each other. The church community has been encouraged and strengthened through these relationships.

Testimony from pastor Rafael: "I am very grateful to God for what He has been doing in the community and the children. As an example, Jose, a sponsored child, had the flu recently. While he was sleeping, he had a bad cough. His mother prepared a cough syrup for him and the child knelt and prayed to Jesus asking for healing. This mother, seeing how he prayed, was amazed by the child's faith in Jesus. He slept well and the next day he was healthy! His mom was touched by her son who is only four years old. We give glory to God for everything He is doing in Seville, Magdalena!

Testimony from Sibelus Serrano, caregiver in the Child Development Program: "I can see the change that the children have experienced through their behavior. At the beginning they were very aggressive, but as they attended the actvities of the program, we see more peaceful participants, attentive during teaching time. We thank God for the increased attendance of the children and their families to Sunday school. I believe in my heart that the hard work we do with the children and their families is not in vain, because it is the work born in the heart of God."

We also celebrate that we got to visit with the team of sponsors who traveled from Arizona at Christ's Church of the Valley in March. What a special time we had!

Prayer Requests

Pray that God prepares the hearts of our children every day to receive His word.

Pray for revelation of the Word for each lesson given by the caregivers to the children.

pray for the hearts of parents and children that God works in them and grows them as they attend the development center and Sunday School.