Centro de Restauracion Principe de Paz

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Scottsdale Campus

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Belen de Bajira - Mutata, Antioquia

God is doing amazing things throughout Colombia. Here you will find updates on how each church is making a difference in their communities. Take a moment to learn about the Campus Pastor, read success stories, and how you can be praying for your Colombia church plant.

Pastor Marcos Martinez Coaba

Pastor Marcos and wife Edith have been living in the region of Belén de Bajirá, Antioquia for more than 30 years. They have 6 children: two boys and four girls. Marcos and Edith have been pastors for 3 years and have the privilege of leading people of all ages. Marcos feels called to be a Christian leader because of his community's great need for God.

Update for 12/6/2018

Greetings Christ’s Church of the Valley! We are excited to share our final update report with you! As you know, our area is a place of great need. Our church has become a place of recreation where their children can be developed, and they can experience genuine affection and God’s love. They experience God’s love and mercy through our staff members. Many children’s lives have gone from wandering the streets to interacting happily with other children, making friends, and learning. Thanks to your support, our church now has its own meeting space for services and has connected with our community. The community has joined with us to install sewage lines that will benefit us all, where there was no sewage line before. This will help bring risk of disease down. Also, we have made a request for energy installation as a church and the municipal energy company made the installation of poles and meters in our area. The presence of the church is impacting the community in many ways! We have been able to minister better to families because of this church building. The space has allowed the church to bring together all children, their parents and the community to teach them the word of God and to be able to intervene in their need and give the opportunity for discipleship! We thank God immensely for you, for your commitment and support for the cause of Bethlehem of Bajira. Your dedication in this ministry is admirable. We pray every day for you, that you would be blessed! Your donation was an answer to prayer and now we are able to provide assistance to our community and share the message of Jesus’ love! Luz Gladis Echavarría, mother of a child in the program, says: "As a family, we have lived with an income that is variable. With a minimum economy, our family has done our best to be stable, but our youngest girl was having problems interacting with others and her environment in the preschool classroom. She constantly showed lack of vision and could not distinguish objects or colors. My life has changed a lot because now I receive the word of God and my daughter receives spiritual attention, they have done a medical check-up for her, and they provide food. This has been very good for my family because I know my children will not repeat my story. Thanks to this program, I learned that you can still have hope, that there are still people dedicated to the service of others. I learned that you can still believe. I have also learned about God's love, forgiveness and salvation. Thank you very much for having set your eyes on Bethlehem of Bajira. We are a population that has been affected by violence in so many ways, being deceived and abandoned by our rulers year after year, it is difficult for us to believe in the good intentions of any professed organization. But, today I witness what community service means, you taught me this. Thank you for investing in this program, that today, marks a new possibility for my daughter and our family.”

Prayer Requests

Pray for this mom who gave her testimony. Pray her family comes to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and her daughter is able to stay in the program with a sponsor for as long as possible!