Iglesia Aliento del Cielo

Sponsored by

East Valley Campus

Located in

Palmar de Varela - Atlantico

God is doing amazing things throughout Colombia. Here you will find updates on how each church is making a difference in their communities. Take a moment to learn about the Campus Pastor, read success stories, and how you can be praying for your Colombia church plant.

Pastor Juan Carlos Rivera Herrera

Pastor Juan Carlos and his wife have two children. He and his family are grateful to live very close to the church, allowing them the opportunity to better support the community they serve. Juan has been in church leadership for the last three years but continues to grow in his leadership and knowledge by training with the Biblical Institute.

Update for 12/5/2018

The construction on our plant has been finished and has been successful. Our new building has 3 classrooms, a multipurpose room, a kitchen, and 7 bathrooms with sinks for boys and girls. We have registered 200 kids into the development program and, so far, 95% of these children have already attended. We’ve hired our full time staff for the program as well. With the implementation of the full program, we hope to help increase the children’s weight and improve their health. We also hope to improve the quality of life for their whole family and the community. We have had some great turn out and response from families in the program to what we are offering. 80% of the parents of the children in the program attended the first workshops on care and prevention of child abuse. At least 90% of 200 children have started practicing the hygiene habits that they have been taught. 100% of the children are being served lunch, 3 days a week. The families of the children have begun attending the local church together, showing improvement in their attitude and behavior. The local church is well recognized within the community of Palmar de Varela. The church has been very committed to the families of this community in its’ promotion of holistic development of the children, home visits, and sharing the gospel with families. Parents feel safe to send their children to the Church and at least 90% of the parents have had the opportunity to listen to the gospel of Christ. We will manage resources and training for staff to help strengthen them as they continually work to grow and develop the children. Also, the church will continue to invite parents into the program to be a part of developing their children. This will make them lead a cultural change that promotes better practices of love, based on the love of Jesus. Thank you for your generosity and all that you have done to support us!

Prayer Requests

Pray for the children and their families to know the Love of Christ and find Hope in him.