Iglesia de lo Alto

Sponsored by

Midtown Phoenix Campus

Located in

Campeche - Baranoa, Atlantico

God is doing amazing things throughout Colombia. Here you will find updates on how each church is making a difference in their communities. Take a moment to learn about the Campus Pastor, read success stories, and how you can be praying for your Colombia church plant.

Pastor Juan Espana Jimenez

Pastor Juan and his wife, Mery Arrieta, have been married for 15 years. He has two children Diana, 25 years old, and Luis, 26 years old. They also have three grandchildren: Ariana, Mariana, and Megan. They are very excited to see how God will impact this community through their church.

Update for 5/16/2018

Since the last report, we were able to paint the temple and dining room walls. We also painted the main door of the project and the temple. Finally, we installed all the windows and doors with their corresponding fences. In our ministries, we hosted four “parent’s schools” in which we worked in the care and protection that we must have with children. In the classrooms, we taught the children how to take care of their toys. We also had a kids’ service were the children participated actively in coordination, worship, playing instruments, and singing, and we ended with a short presentation of the word of God. All this was put together by the children of the Child Development Center. Though things are going very well, we have faced some challenges in the past few months. The weather has been one of the great challenges as during this time we have had a long period of excessive heat, which made the attendants of the church services uncomfortable, and some decided to not leave their homes to attend. To mitigate these effects, we installed fans in the temple and the rooms. In the upcoming months, we will decorate the learning environments to be even more welcoming for the children, and we will continue with our Friday services, as well as with Sunday school on Sunday mornings. We have also found as construction has progressed that our stairway is not wide enough to let people comfortably pass up and down at the same time, so we are adjusting our plans to include a second staircase – one for going up and one for going down! In our hearts we will always have words of gratitude for the calling God put in your hearts of making an impact in the lives of our children, their families, and the community of this beautiful town.

Prayer Requests

· That the community and the parents in the project stay in Christ
· That through the testimony of the children, more families can come to recognize Jesus as their Lord and Savior

Pray for the team from CCV Midtown that will be traveling down to Colombia in June to visit this church plant and all their sponsored kiddos.