Join us in celebrating how God is moving in the lives and communities across the globe!

A One Night Mission Trip??!!

A local serving opportunity, engaging in our community, and a mission trip - all rolled into one 24 hour period.

In September of this year, CCV sent a team on an overnight trip to the Phoenix Dream Center (PDC) located near Grand Ave and 35th Ave. The team spent two days doing projects around the center, such as clearing out closets of donations, painting, and general clean ups. The team had the opportunity to hear from residents of the PDC and how the center has changed their lives. It was amazing to see how the residents were so invested in the center, and were not only working to better themselves, but were also working hard to better the other residents.

The Phoenix Dream Center exists to disciple men and women through community based outreach programs, which includes long term housing at a complex that was formally an Embassy Suites. They offer programs lasting anywhere from 3 months to 2 years that help people overcome difficult seasons of life (addiction recovery, coming out of prison, aging out of foster care, leaving abusive relationships, etc) through Christ-centered discipleship, structured living, and community outreach.

CCV is excited to offer this opportunity to our members and attendees.  It gives us a chance to know the needs and resources in our community! We have an upcoming trip to the dream center this January.  Check it out! 

1Mission builds its 800th house!

Poverty alleviation One House at a Time! !

This past October CCV sent a team with 1Mission down to Rocky Point, Mexico. Our team consisted of 85 people, with each of the 9 campuses represented on this team!

1Mission's main strategy for community development in that city is by coming alongside local families and helping make a way for them to have sustainable and adequate housing for their families. While our team was down there, they constructed three houses alongside the families receiving the homes. Of these three homes, one was the 800th house that 1Mission has constructed!

This home was for the Gil Encinas family, who worked along with the team in the construction of their new home. Ruben and his wife Yoselin, and their two children Ruben Alejandro and Rubi live off about $70 a week and have been living with Ruben’s mother. Receiving this new home allows them to live independently as a family and work together towards a brighter future for themselves. The family has put in over 200 hours of service towards the receiving of their home; through community service, health & wellness, skill training, literacy education and home building itself.

CCV has been involved with 1Mission and the work they are doing in Mexico since they were founded in 2007. We send several teams throughout the year, and would love to see you on a trip! To learn more about 1Mission's community development strategy in Mexico, El Salvador and Nicaragua, visit

Our favorite Cambodian

Sometimes CCV mission partners visit and we show them a good time!

Earlier in November, we had the wonderful opportunity to host Theara from Rapha House, a ministry we support in Cambodia. The CCV missions team and previous Cambodia trip participants got to hear about the work that our partner, Rapha House is doing in the fight against human trafficking in a difficult country. There is a constant influx of girls being brought in to their safe houses in various locations who have been rescued from lives of sex slavery and forced prostitution, as well as girls leaving their care through reintegration into the community and reunions with their families. They ask for your constant prayers for the girls – both those coming and those leaving, as well as the staff providing care.

While Theara was visiting, we got the chance to hear from her at a little get together with some of the previous team members from CCV who have taken a mission trip to visit Rapha House in Cambodia. It was a great time of fellowship between teams and reunion with Theara who serves as a translator and host for the teams that visit. The missions team also had the chance to take Theara to Antelope Canyon, an Arizona favorite destination! We loved having this chance to encourage Theara, and hear about how Rapha House is doing.
We have two trips this year to Cambodia, we would love to have you on these trips. The work Rapha House is doing is incredible! 

Soccer Reaches Nations

We never know the powerful impact our presence in another country can have on individuals coming to know Christ.

CCV and STARS Youth Sports collabored on a mission trip to Cuba recently. A team of coaches and players spent a week in Cuba, playing soccer, sharing about topics like leadership and integrity, visiting the local church, and playing more soccer!

Our partner in Cuba had this to say, "It was an incredible experience to have your teams coming our way. Many blessings are being received because of the program and the work your teams did. The community is aware of the partnership between Phoenix and Havana. The impact of the activity reaches many levels of the life of the communities here. A testimony of friendship, and the most important one is the fact that we are one people to the eyes of God. It impacted, not only our players, but other teams who play for the National league and many neighbors. On Sunday service we had a bunch of kids worshiping our Lord! and they were very attentive to what was happening. It is all because of the testimony your team showed them."

Praise God for following God's call to reach the nations! 

I had no idea 6 days in a foreign country would impact me so much

Mission Trip Participants never quite know what to expect.

Mary recently went to Colombia on one of CCV's trips.  This is what she had to say:

It’s been a little over a week since I came home from my mission trip to Columbia. Since returning I’ve had a plethora of emotions and feelings run through me. Part of me wanted to keep Colombia in a secret part of my heart and not share it with others because then it would truly be over and I would be back to reality. Another part of me wanted to tell every detail and hope that each person would be impacted by my story. Yet that isn’t practical either. It’s nearly impossible to explain in words just how significant and life changing a mere 6 days in a foreign country was, unless you were there. But I’ll do my best. Part of me truly came alive in Colombia. I loved being immersed in the culture, surrounded by the people and engaged in their love for Christ. I had opportunities to pray for people I had never met before but we had one thing in common, we love Jesus. I was able to encourage and uplift them, while they softened my heart and welcomed me into their homes and life. I went to their country with an open mind, yet the thought in the back of my head was that I going to share Christ and in some way help them...I didn’t realize I would come away from my mission trip so filled by the love of Christ they poured out on me. Colombia will always have a piece of my heart and I will forever be molded by the experience.

Bible Studies in Afghanistan

Be Bold in sharing your faith. You never know who is listening.

Sometimes we get the privilege of serving our service members when they reach out with specific requests.

This came over from a military servant stationed in Afghanistan.  We sent him a care package with specifically Bibles for him to share with his friends.

CCV Missions, 
I wanted to share something awesome with you that happened tonight. The men have been in their bibles a lot and bible studies continue to grow. We’ve been studying spiritual gifts and evangelism techniques for our Americans, African, and Muslim friends.
Last night a man asked me if tonight, I would spend some time one on one sharing testimony and answering a few questions he had.
After spending with him for about an hour a couple men heard talking from the chapel so they walked in. Then a few minutes later, more men heard something and walked in.
Three and a half hours later, I’ve lost my voice from teaching so excitedly, and answering questions from about 10 men who just walked into the chapel wanting to know how to know God's calling on their life and how to take the next step for those who know their calling.
God is good.
Please continue to pray for our group here at camp.

- T

A Plea to Write Letters to the Child you Sponsor

Heather and her husband Mark went on a mission trip to Colombia to visit the child they chose to sponsor.

To tell my story is to tell a story of every person on our Mission trip. A story that is so intertwined that only God could create something so beautiful. It’s a story of love.

The idea of going on a Mission trip was planted in my heart for many years, but the timing and financial commitment never really aligned. I felt like I could do more, but I didn’t know what “more” looked like.

When CCV launched Compassion at Christmas in December of 2017, there was no doubt this was my next step. Sponsorship was an easy decision. I had something to give and there was someone out there in need. I could make a difference! We were encouraged to not look for the perfect child, but know that it was the face of Jesus. As my husband and I reach out our hands to pull two sponsorships, we had no idea how those packets would change our lives.

I put so many obstacles in the way, but when we signed up for the Mission trip to Colombia, God removed them all. I wanted to see the work that was being done and to meet our children. The reality is that my sponsorship is not only impacting an individual child, but there is a ripple effect through a family and a community. I was helping to provide the message of Jesus.

I learned so much about Compassion, our sponsored children, and myself. Thousands of miles away, down a little dirt road, in a small one-bedroom house, when asked about the letters that I had sent, a mother walked over and pulled out every letter written to her daughter. Maintained in perfect condition, as if something precious, I looked through the words and photos sent. I am a part of that family’s story.

My message is simple…write letters!

Once a month, all the letters arrive in one packet. It’s a special day at the centers. Lets make sure that every child has a letter. Don’t think of your sponsored child as a pen pal and wait to get a response before sending another letter. Your letter is not only impacting that child, but also everyone around them. The same message that Jesus wants us to hear is the message that they need to hear: they are chosen and they are loved.

The power of a letter. It can change someone’s life forever. The only question is…is it their life or mine?

Love your Kenya

Brian just got back from Kenya and has some things to say.

My wife died in May 2017 after a two year battle with Ovarian Cancer. Once we got near the end she started ensuring that I was equipped with the information and advice I needed for what would follow. She was a strong supporter of overseas missions, particularly ones that impacted children.

When I moved from Northern California to Phoenix I was led by God to CCV through a series of events. Once I got to CCV, the Kenya Medical Mission trip seemed to call my name as I looked for a trip to support as my wife had advised.

I ended up on a team where I didn't know anyone. This turned out to be the first of many blessings from the trip. Also, not being Medical, i had no idea what I would be called on to do, another blessing. God was dismantling strong holds I had built in my life to cope. Certainty and control were the biggest of these. This trip totally destroyed those crutches.

I was so amazed by God's size. Here we were thousands of miles from home and there were people praising His name. They treated me like we had been lifelong friends. As I watched this same impact on my fellow team mates I realized God was on the move in changing my ideas about who He was. In Turkana, in northern Kenya, I was asked to serve in the Prayer room. There I found my voice for praying for others and learned how much love I actually had in me that had never gotten out.

But the major thing I learned on this trip was that if it comes down to sending money to help or going, going has a bigger impact as it allows God to show those you visit how big He is and that His love exceeds all the other forces that are out there. The local pastor David in Turkana explained that those I prayed with would never forget that a man came thousands of miles to love on them.

Church Planter gets a new Vehicle

Reliable transportation can be a game-changer for Kingdom Impact.

When you're a church planter in a sensitive country and you travel hundreds of miles a week to recruit, train, and sustain church pastors, their fledgling congregations, and host training conferences in multiple cities - having  reliable vehicle is a game-changer. There is such a church planter in a country in Asia that we are proud to have contributed to his vision and desire for a vehicle. 

From the pastor, "I’m so glad to let you know that finally God has provided a reliable vehicle for me to go around in ministry. I consider it as miraculous provision because it was not possible by myself. I took some time to check on this vehicle and tested with mechanics as well as on road and finally decided to get it. God has provided the exact amount needed for this vehicle as well.  This is my prayer, that this vehicle will be used to expand His Kingdom and make disciples all across this country and beyond. I’m so grateful to CCV for the generosity to make this happen."

Bible Translation progress in Vanuatu

Bible translation in some cultures takes many years and starts by training local native speakers to learn the languages of the Bible.

It’s amazing to look back and see what the Lord has done over these past 4 years on the island of Vanuatu.

Since we began, 15 of the native translation students have worked hard to learn Hebrew and begin translating a panorama of Old Testament passages. After this they began taking Greek classes and translating portions from the New Testament . They attended classes on preaching, biblical exegesis, publication and learned how to use our computer translation software. They also worked on developing Bible story apps for smart phones and educational primers for literacy from their translations.

On October 13th, they will receive a certificate of completion for their work. A ceremony will be held in the middle of town at the city park, where we will publicly declare the faithfulness of God. We will read a document we’re writing that details how the Lord has sustained and provided for us over the last 4+ years…from beginning to end. It reminds me of Nehemiah 8 or Acts 2 where the history of God’s faithful work is told.

We thank you for your part in all this and while you may not be physically present for this moment, your faithfulness is a big part of our celebration. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For more information on this team's work, visit their Facebook page "Mission Vanuatu: The Thompson 4".

The Mission within the Mission

Those are the best words to hear when a team comes back from a mission trip. Sending disciples out to impact the world means you pray and hope for fruit that comes from their efforts.

However, on this trip, it might not be what you're expecting. The four people who make a decision to follow Christ were team members. They were people on the team from CCV who were sent out. Sometimes people sign up for a mission trip knowing they are supposed to go, knowing there's a purpose in it, knowing that it's a good thing to give of yourself to serve others. They don't always know the change and transformation that will occur in THEM as a result of that going. 

When you go on a mission trip, you're taking yourself out of your normal routine, out of your comfort zone, and you're placing yourself in a vulnerable position where you have to exhibit faith, sacrifice, patience, flexibility...and most important, you become a very good listener. You rely on your leaders and your teammates in a way that challenges your self-sufficiency. What a perfect place to be for God to speak to you. When you're way from the noise of every day life. 

Jarrell, Khloe, Malachi, and Angie, we are proud of you and excited to see how God continues to reveal himself to you in the months and years to come. 

Church Growth in Japan

Dedicated workers are reaching Osaka, Japan with the Gospel.

Last year, CCV began investing in a church in Japan called Mustard Seed Christian Church. The Kingdom Workers there are hardworking, dedicated, and passionate about seeing their own fellow Japanese come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

Here's some information from their most recent update.

"Japan is less than 1% Christian, making it the second largest unreached people group in the world. There are 12 cities in Japan with a population of 1 million people or more. In such a country, it is extremely hard to live as a Christian.

S is the director of children at the church and Y is the director of small groups. Both were born and raised in Osaka, making it their hometown.  'We love this city so much!'

Thank you for supporting us. Please continue to pray for us to be able to do our ministry and boldly share the Gospel.

Even in such a land, God will never be silent. He hears our groaning and petitions in prayer. Mustard Seed Christian Church Osaka had two baptisms in June alone this year, and the church is growing fare more rapidly compared to old traditional churches in Japan. The international settings attract young people and they are more open to foreign ideas. Also the way of Christian living impresses people in every dimension of life. Not only the Osaka plant, we see the same movement in other areas of Japan. We are aiming to plant more churches across Japan so that more people will have chances to hear the gospel."

They want to reach their city they way we are striving to reach Phoenix!

Praise God.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp

FCA in Arizona hosted another successful summer sports camp in Flagstaff in June.

FCA Camp is truly a week of inspiration and perspiration. Former Arizona Cardinals team chaplain, Chad Johnson, passionately spoke to the 562 campers about answering these two questions: Who are you? and Who is God? 

We give God all the glory for the eternal impact HE made at camp. Here's a few statistics, quotes, and a must see video taking you inside the Arizona FCA camp experience.

95 campers committed their life to JESUS.
430 campers acknowledged a life-changing camp experience & growing in their faith in JESUS CHRIST.

"FCA camp was one of the greatest experiences of my life! what an amazing opportunity for hundreds of student athletes to chase their dreams and their faith. FCA Flagstaff was a success and I can't thank everyone involved enough." - Camp student participant

Business training in China

Partnering with Chinese business leaders for leadership development is a growing outreach opportunity.

CCV's partner Global Partners in Hope continues to innovate new ways to meet the growing need for leadership development amongst business and ministry leaders in China.  The new program is Voices of Hope. 

Voices of Hope is a year-long Mini-MBA program of GPiH in partnership with Crown College. It is structured on six annual large group workshops led by American business people and University professors focusing on:

  • Foundations for leadership, servant leadership and ethical leadership
  • Finance and accounting for managers and leaders
  • Organizational development and behavior
  • Team building, communication and conflict management
  • International business
  • Strategic, sustainable leadership for the future

The large groups are reinforced by weekly small groups led by Chinese business people. The small groupscontinue and expand on the training in the workshops.

Voices of Hope will promote and encourage one-on-one or two mentoring relationships among the American and Chinese program participants.

Finally, small group leaders will be coached, mentored and developed by GPiH staff and the large group teaching teams.

Learners will receive a certificate co-branded by GPiH and Crown College and will be granted six-hours of MBA credit if they elect to continue online MBA studies at Crown College.

Keep up the good work, GPiH!

VBS with local churches in Israel

Pray for the workers and children doing vacation bible school in Israel the month of July.

Update from the team in Israel who lead several churches:

During the year there are several occasions that make particularly wonderful outreach opportunities in our communities. Christmas time, Easter and Mother’s Day are some of the most notable. While Summer is not an event, it presents many occasions to our team members and the churches in the Galilee. One of the most successful outreach opportunities is Vacation Bible School.

Some of our team members are leading VBS’s during July with the churches they minister through. There is one in Eilabun this week, from July 9th - 14th, one in Be’ine from July 8th - 15th. And the team is leading one in Cana from July 30th - August 5th.

Why are these dates important? Because we need your prayers for them and during each one of them. There are several challenges facing each of those VBS’s and each of the locations has its own different set of challenges. One of the general challenges, which are more true to Be’ine and Cana, is the strong Muslim presence in each. They both face challenges from the traditional church as well, which is truer for the church in Be’ine still. They are facing competition with the traditional church which has more funds and better facilities and they are not shy about stating that in their flyers. This year, the church in Eilabun is facing a new challenge which is the lack of volunteers. Most of the volunteers from last year are attending college and during this time they have exams.

For those without hope they can be very discouraged by such challenges. But not only do we have hope, but we understand that there is no higher purpose than reaching those children with the Good News of God’s love. We thank you for standing with us, praying for us and supporting us. Stay posted on our social media to follow up with the updates during the VBS’s, and stay tuned for wonderful stories we will be sharing from each of them.

Colombia Church Plant updates

The Church is growing in Colombia!

Construction updates on 8 church they are reaching their communities...the value of the child sponsorship program at their church and school.  All updates for CCV's church plants are at  Visit often! 

First team visits Sponsored Children in Colombia

The first CCV team to head to Colombia had an incredible time with the church plant community and children they sponsor.

Thank you to the 26 child sponsors who traveled to Colombia in April to visit the church plant community that CCV Peoria campus helped plant and the sponsored kids!

One participant said, "Only 1% of all sponsors get to meet their sponsored children. It was an honor and privilege to do this. It was so very humbling for me. I was able to see people living in the poorest of circumstances and I was able to see hope, to see enormous love and to witness God working in ways I didn't know possible."

Continue to pray for the 8 church plants and over 10,000 children that CCV sponsors to make an impact in the country of Colombia. 

CCV Team makes an impact in New Zealand

Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.. Isaiah 58

CCV sent a mission trip team to New Zealand for the first time this year to partner with Addington Community - a community development initiative to serve the needs in the community.  They have a farm, a coffee shop, and housing for those who need it.  

"On behalf of our Addington community, we would like to say a massive thank you to your church! We are so incredibly blown away by your generosity and kindness.

We are so incredibly grateful to the wonderful team who came over. They poured so much time, effort and care into painting the urban farm's house. Despite our weather dumping rain and hail, they just bought some gumboots and rain jackets and kept on going. The house looks 200% better than when they began! It transforms the space so much. Beyond that, getting to know them and spending time together, we feel like we have a new bunch of friends from Phoenix. It was such an immense blessing having them here, and they are forever woven into the fabric of our urban farm and our community. Our homes are very much open to them anytime!

As well, thank you so much for the incredibly generous donation that your church has made. We were just so blown away with that. Your support will mean so much in being able to physically transform the space into something much more usable. Which we hope this will culminate in both flourishing vegetables and flourishing relationships.

Our hope is that this urban farm is a place in or community where people can feel a sense of belonging, experience some warm hospitality, learn some new skills, and be able to provide cost-effective veges for people. But more than that, we hope it's a place in which people encounter the love of Jesus. That this wee urban farm is a glimpse of the kingdom in this place.

That your church choose to support our wee urban farm with finances and the most dedicated people-power means so much. Our community is incredibly grateful and has been very blessed by the time your lovely people spent with us. I reckon God was very much on the move as we shared and learnt from each other. "

Youth Conference in Nepal

CCV, you helped fund a youth conference in Nepal.

Thank you, CCV!  Because of your continued generosity, our missions team is able to help fund things like a youth gathering in Nepal!  Around 150 youth gathered to worship, train, and hear solid Bible teaching.  The future of the Church in Nepal is BRIGHT.

Meet Henry from Colombia

Colombia child sponsorships are impacting more than the kids!

We got in a beautiful message from a gentleman in Colombia.  He works as a translator.  He has been receiving your communications and letters to the kids you sponsor in Colombia!

From Henry:

I tell you I am feeling very excited and very blessed because I have been working on letters sent by the new sponsors from CCV to their beneficiaries here in Colombia, for the last two weeks.

By doing so, I have come to realize that your church is abundantly blessed by the Lord because you are all hearing His voice and doing things according to His will, and this is awesome.

Just to let you know that I started watching CCV live services on the Internet last Sunday, and believe me, it has really impacted me.

May God bless you.

In Christ,

Henry, Gloria, Sarah, Sebastian Amado.

Keep it up, CCV!

There is a bus in Myanmar with a CCV sticker on it

There is a van in Myanmar with a CCV sticker on it.

CCV helped a church in Myanmar purchase a van so that they can transport university students to and from church on the weekends. CCV stickers can be found all over the world!

English Class for Refugees

Encouraging refugees as they learn English, such a practical way to engage in a huge issue.

Thanks to GoTEN ministries, CCV volunteers have the opportunity to share something basic, our language, with those who are new to our country and our city.

One volunteer said, "What a wonderful and inspiring day, I feel blessed to be a part of the journey. My eyes and heart were opened to the pain and struggles refugees have to find a place of safety."

Sitting next to a refugee and patting them on the back and saying, "Great job!" when they are able to make progress in their English skills is hugely rewarding.  We have an opportunity to be a friend, a smiling face in the midst of so much transition and discomfort and disorientation. 

Come be a part of it!  You can head down for a One Day Mission trip to share time with some new international friends and learn a little bit about immigration, unreached people groups, and refugees.  

Rescued Not Arrested

These men and women have been Rescued, Not Arrested.

It is a gift to be able to accept God's grace and forgiveness after being convicted and sentenced for a crime. CCV is so proud to partner with Rescued Not Arrested prison ministry and their tireless focus on seeing men and women find Christ in their incarceration. These lives are CHANGED!

There is still great work to be done in the World. CCV is proud to have a partner that's getting it done!

CCV was honored to be able to send a small team of worship leaders to a gathering of international missionary workers. They gathered for prayer and worship and a time of refreshing.  Our worship guys said it was powerful to hear their stories. One young gentleman who serves in SE Asia said it was powerful to be free and open to worship God with other believers.  In his hometown where he does ministry, the small group that gathers in his home can't even sing out loud for fear of persecution.  What a joy and privilege public worship is. Thank you for serving, CCV!

In July, CCV sent a team of 29 students to Nairobi, Kenya to work with our mission partners, Missions of Hope International. Recently two of our students, Lauren Moore and Lauren Rasmussen were interviewed about their short term mission experience in Africa.

In July, CCV sent a team of 29 students to Nairobi, Kenya to work with our mission partners, Missions of Hope International. Recently two of our students, Lauren Moore and Lauren Rasmussen were interviewed about their short term mission experience in Africa.  

If you could sum up your experience in one word, what would it be?

Lauren R: "Stunning. The people had such beautiful hearts, that shocked me. The students had such joy and love for one another. They respected the teachers which was completely expected there, but in America, students look at school as an obligation, not an opportunity."

Lauren M: "Revealing. This trip showed me who I really was. It’s easy to come face to face with your flaws once you are in a third world country.”  

What was your first response to the environment?  

Lauren R: "I was in a state of disbelief the first couple days. We walked through the slums on our first day in Kenya with what appeared to be a river flowing down the street, which was actually their sewage."

Lauren M: 'I was expecting slums, but there were some things that were difficult to cope with...smelly trash and rats...these were hard to see. Yet, I promise you, hope was alive and Jesus was present there."  

What is next for each of you now that you have experienced this trip?

Lauren R:"I am trying to value relationships over everything. First my relationship with God by reading the bible and working on my prayer life. I am really trying to pour into friendships this year, love on them and dive deep with them. I have realized the urgency we must have in bringing people to Christ!

Lauren M: "Next step for me is to continue in my faith and bettering interactions with people, but it's always got to be about God. No matter where you are, all that really matters is your faith in God."  

We are thankful for students like Lauren and Lauren who desire to win people to Christ, train believers to become disciples, and send disciples to impact the world. Please continue to pray for our mission partners, Missions of Hope International. If you would like to know more information about our partners, check out