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1Mission builds its 800th house!

Poverty alleviation One House at a Time! !

This past October CCV sent a team with 1Mission down to Rocky Point, Mexico. Our team consisted of 85 people, with each of the 9 campuses represented on this team!

1Mission's main strategy for community development in that city is by coming alongside local families and helping make a way for them to have sustainable and adequate housing for their families. While our team was down there, they constructed three houses alongside the families receiving the homes. Of these three homes, one was the 800th house that 1Mission has constructed!

This home was for the Gil Encinas family, who worked along with the team in the construction of their new home. Ruben and his wife Yoselin, and their two children Ruben Alejandro and Rubi live off about $70 a week and have been living with Ruben’s mother. Receiving this new home allows them to live independently as a family and work together towards a brighter future for themselves. The family has put in over 200 hours of service towards the receiving of their home; through community service, health & wellness, skill training, literacy education and home building itself.

CCV has been involved with 1Mission and the work they are doing in Mexico since they were founded in 2007. We send several teams throughout the year, and would love to see you on a trip! To learn more about 1Mission's community development strategy in Mexico, El Salvador and Nicaragua, visit 1Mission.