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Interview with a Colombia Mission Trip participant

God can take the most average person, and blow their world right open! Say YES to a mission trip.

Why did you make the decision to go on a mission trip? Why this trip? Why now?

I was excited about the way our CCV attendees sponsored over 11,000 children in Colombia As a family we chose to sponsor a child. We were eager to go and serve at one of the many churches built there. We also were excited to meet our little sponsored girl.

Was there a moment that really stood out to you? What was it?

It was the moment we walked into the Center on the very first day and the children were holding sign saying they were “happy” and “Had been waiting for us”. It was quite a moment.

How are you going to apply what you've learned and seen on this trip to your life when you get home?

We haven’t stopped thinking about it. We hope to go back soon but to also invest in our local community. We hope to reach other children and make sure they know Jesus.

How did this trip equip you to be a better Ambassador for Christ?

It was a trip of complete giving and selfless acts. Exactly as Christ would have done it!

How did this trip impact your personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

I felt the Holy Spirit quite often. That was my biggest take away. To listen to that voice more often and act on it. Continue to be in his Word.

What would you tell someone else thinking about going on a mission trip?

Please don’t wait. And if you can’t afford it, tell someone. You never know who is out there to gift you with a financial blessing.