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Discover how God is changing lives throughout CCV.



When Robbie and his friends decided to start a bible study at their school in 6th grade, they had no idea how God was planning to use it.


When God is First

God saved Danielle and began working in her life, but things started to shift when she stopped making Him the first priority.


Tithing when it's not Convenient

The challenge to begin fully tithing came at an inconvenient time for Chris and Susan as they were so close to paying off all of their debt.


Sacrificial Generosity

Faced with a need and a decision, Vince and Tara chose to give even when it meant sacrificing a lot.


When Bad Things Happen

The tragic loss of her daughter left Lauren knocked down, and questioning her faith.


Isolation to Community

Angie's marriage was falling apart and she didn't have friends or family to turn to. Her life was becoming more isolated and leading her into a deep depression. But an invitation to join a CCV group changed the direction of her life.


Idols in our life

Travis achieved status and success that defined who he was. But these pursuits were occupying the throne of control in his life and crowding God out.



Distracted by chasing the things of this world, Ryan was falling short as the father his daughters needed him to be. After a visit to church, Jesus changed his heart, and changed his priorities in life.



Cierra grew up with a church community that embodied love and kindness, but after witnessing a different side of the church during bible college, Cierra was faced with a difficult decision.


Transformative Power of Jesus

Divorced and angry, Don & Anna began separately pursuing Jesus for the first time. As they grew closer to Him their hearts began to change.


Don't Waste the Wait

Corey & Amy were unable to have a child and had lost hope. When they opened up about their struggles to their friends and family, they received love and compassion, and learned valuable lessons that they have taken forward with them today.


Barriers to faith

Listen to three people that wrestled with different barriers to faith, and how God helped them overcome it.