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Discover how God is changing lives throughout CCV.


Finding Joy in God's Plan

After falling in love with CCV's Special Needs program, the Dominguez family took their next step and started a Neighborhood Group for special needs families.


Filling the Empty Box

After taking a year off from his successful yet stressful business career, Blue saw his life transform and decided to launch his new career in ministry.


Purpose Through Passion

Nate Miller found himself asking God why he was so passionate about being a police officer. He realized it was to use his past experiences to help others.


Searching for Answers

A confused firefighter, a lost single mother, and a skeptical project manager share their journeys of how they went from being skeptics to being saved.


Faith Over Fear

Seeing the impact their daughter's life made on those around them, the Wagners learned to have faith over fear despite their grief.


Through All Things, Trust

With repeated job loss and piling debt, the Clements turned back to church and committed to make God their number one priority.


Your Heart and Your Finances

The O'Malley's were struggling with tithing but after seeing God move and realizing that we are stewarding His gifts to us, they felt called to start.


Generosity is Contagious

When the Figueroa family learned of Compassion International, they decided to sponsor 5 kids, and they eperienced the power of generosity and gratitude.


Learn. Grow. Support.

Wanting to get involved, the Lacoss family started a Neighborhood Group. They have seen God work in the group and their community grow.


God Pulled Us Through

The Winston family took a leap of faith and moved to Arizona without jobs. Through these trying times, they leaned into God and followed His promptings.


I Love My Church

Todd and Julie were excited to get involved with CCV and raise their children in a Christ-centered home and continued taking next steps to grow in their faith.


Jesus is the STAR Quarterback

Enrolling their son in CCV's Stars football program was the best decision Paul made. He has seen the impact of the program and gotten involved himself.