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Discover how God is changing lives throughout CCV.


More than a game

George uses his platform and his influence as a Stars coach to show his players not only how to be exceptional players on the field, but how to be godly men and love like Jesus everywhere they go.


Adopted into God's family

At the age of 8, Nicole discovered she was adopted and that her mom was actually her aunt. She viewed God the same way she viewed her earthly father. Absent and distant.



Ashley sat down with David Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby, to discuss their families decision to honor the sabbath and close for business every Sunday.


Active Forgiveness

The decisions of her ex-husband caused Tawnya to live in anger and resentment as a single mom for many years. Learning to forgive even when it's difficult has brought so much joy and healing into her life.


Detours in Life

Danny survived the attacks on 9/11 after being on the 44th floor when his tower was hit. Life changed forever for him after that day, but God was preparing him for something more.


Trusting God

In need of childcare, the Knowles decided Lauren would stay home to care for their kids rather than work. Now facing a strained budget they were faced with a decision to trust God with the tithe.


CCV Groups

Questioning whether they would be accepted due to their past or their imperfection, Jake and Ashley finally decided to accept their neighbors invitation to join their group.



Hurt by the church he saw growing up, and preoccupied with his job as a truck driver, Dennis avoided church at all cost. After giving it a chance one weekend with his wife, he saw a different church that loved people and welcomed him with open arms.


Enduring for the good

Bikes Fight Poverty endures great lengths to serve and encourage the people of Mexico. Serving as an example of sacrifice and suffering to give families in poverty access to safe, secure housing.



Silas is from Myanmar and has witnessed the extreme persecution of his people. He came to the United States to worship freely and pursue a good life. He now returns to challenge his people to share the message of Jesus with those that persecute them.


Welcome Home

Adam saw the worst of the world while being deployed in the army, and the results of that experience negatively impacted his life and turned him against God. After years of battling addiction and with his marriage falling apart, he decided to attend Easter service with his wife.


Meeting the Need

Talia and Jason, recognized a need during the COVID pandemic and knew they needed to do something.