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Discover how God is changing lives throughout CCV.


Power to Overcome Addiction

Kevin struggled with addiction and feared the impact it would have. He decided to seek help from church, and began making changes for his family's future.

23 years in the Mission Field

For the past 23 years, Barb Temminck and her family have faithfully been serving God in West Africa and CCV has stood by them the entire time.


Life After Addiction

After struggling with addiction, Eddie felt called to change his life. He felt at home at CCV, and started a program to help young men struggling with addiction.


Hungry For More

Josh and Kelly turned away from the church for years after a bad experience. Once they decided to give CCV a try, within a few weeks their lives had changed.

Role Model


Defensive to Defender

Jon was a skeptic of faith and religion. After a special message at CCV, Jon realized he was worthy to be forgiven. Hear how Jon finally gave his life to Christ.


Ink and an Invitation

As a tattoo artist, Johnny Wogan shares his faith in the workplace.


Putting God First with Finances

For Jake and Shelby, trusting God with their finances transformed their lives.


Grace, Love, and Transformation

Through God's grace, Levi and Ericka Gonzales learned to love and serve others. Their lives were transformed as a result.