Discover how God is changing lives throughout CCV.


Meeting the Need

Talia and Jason, recognized a need during the COVID pandemic and knew they needed to do something.



After the decision to be obedient and start tithing, Andy and Nikki discovered a peace in their finances which nurtured a more generous spirit in their lives.


Success to Significance

Rich Froning, a successful CrossFit competitor, had built his life and his identity around the sport. After a challenge by a friend, Rich began reevaluating his life and what it meant to live a life that Jesus called us to live.


Dependent Faith

Tod was facing a life threatening illness that changed the way he had to live. It only deepened and strengthened his dependence on The Lord.



Angry and hopeless after years of suffering from childhood abuse, and after attempts to find peace in the world proved fruitless, the woman in this story finds healing in the arms of our savior.


The blessing of serving

Sam's children have severe health risks that require round the clock care, which made serving at church difficult for his family. With the help of the children's ministry Sam and his wife Jolee are able to serve and bless others with their talents and passions.



Aundria had been hurt and was feeling alone, but God reminded her that He had a plan and a purpose for her life.



Heidi found a way to create connection and a place to belong for those that could not meet in person.


Sharing life together

One CCV group's story of how God orchestrated people into community and how it enriched their lives through good and tough times.


Potential for Pain

Diagnosed with cancer, time became short, and Russ allowed that pain to change his perspective about what's most important in life.


Peace in Christ

Battling COVID-19, Jon credits his community and his faith in Christ for carrying him through and bringing him a deep sense of peace during a serious health scare.


Inviting your neighbor

Matt & Tracy spent 10 years, inviting their neighbors to church with them. And for 10 years the answer was always "No." Until one day when they were almost ready to give up.