Our Students ministry is dedicated to creating an authentic environment for students to connect with God in a powerful way.


JR HIGH (7-8th Grade)

Strategically crafted for 7th and 8th graders, the Jr. High Ministry is exciting and fun. We provide a safe place for teens to discover and deepen their own faith. And, in case the junior high years aren't crazy enough, we kick it up a notch, incorporating popular events and games to attract today's youth.

HIGH SCHOOL (9-12th Grade)

Designed to meet teens right where they are, CCV's High School Ministry provides an authentic environment where our teens can connect with their Creator in a real and powerful way. This experience incorporates crazy games, special giveaways, high energy music, inspiring messages and small group time with their leaders and peers. No matter where your teens are in their faith journey, we have a place for them.